The WorkingHealth Program provides practical injury prevention strategies, creating a culture of wellness for companies in a broad range of industries. Our CHOICES Course is for:

Safety and Health as a Shared Value

Creating a Culture of Wellness where Safety and Health are Intertwined

Safety, when presented correctly to employees, is best understood within a wellness forum. Rather than mandated by management and resisted by employees, safety becomes accepted as part of the entire culture of wellness.

Safety and wellness are synergistic — working toward the same goal and benefiting both work related and non-work related activities.

Synchrony of Management Leadership and Employee Involvement

In today’s workplace, management can’t just talk about the importance of safety and health. They must walk the talk — ensuring that wellness is not just a passing trend, but part of the day-in / day-out operations of the organization.

Truly a Win-Win Situation

Both Employees and Employers Benefit

It’s not just about work